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This is the technical status page of combahton GmbH which represents past incidents and planned maintenances.

Scheduled Maintenance
Change of webhosting ip-addresses

Due to our RIPE membership, we are switching several externally leased ipv4 prefixes to our own prefixes. This also affects webhosting servers.

The following ip-addresses has to be replaced if you are using your own domain and manage your dns records on your own:

- ( will be (new)
- ( will be

Please carry out necessary dns changes until the 30th August 2019 latest. DNS records using the old ip-addresses within 212.114.50.X will not be reachable after the 30th August 2019.

Domains using our nameservers were already automatically switched to these new ip-addresses. In case of any questions, please contact our customer service.

Past Incidents

Wednesday 6th February 2019

No incidents reported

Tuesday 5th February 2019

Core Network Upstream network issues / fibercut

We've identified a issue with one of our Upstreams (AS33891), which currently has packetloss on some routes due to multiple fibercuts between Frankfurt towards Amsterdam, London and Duesseldorf.

In order to ensure network availability and stability, we have disabled the BGP Session to AS33891 until they fixed their network. Traffic to or from our network flows over alternative paths.

Please see the following updates from our thirdparty supplier:

"Update 05.02.2019 15:48 UTC +01:00:

Technicians are currently working at fault location. ETR is not known yet.

Update 05.02.2019 11:53 UTC +01:00:

Field Engineers are going to fault location. ETA is 11:00 UTC.

Update 05.02.2019 08:42 UTC +01:00:

We are currently facing an outage located on our backbone between Frankfurt and MONTABAUR since 08:07 UTC+1 05/02/2019

We have asked our fiber provider to check this issue and as soon as we will receive a feedback, we will keep you updated.

No ERT was provided."

Update 05.02.2019 19:34 UTC +01:00:

The problem has been solved.

Monday 4th February 2019

No incidents reported

Sunday 3rd February 2019

No incidents reported

Saturday 2nd February 2019

No incidents reported

Friday 1st February 2019

No incidents reported

Thursday 31st January 2019

No incidents reported