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This is the technical status page of combahton GmbH which represents past incidents and planned maintenances.

Stickied Incidents

Friday 25th September 2020

Upstream BGP-Sessions Issues with Upstream: @ AS33891

Our upstream provider, CoreBackbone (AS33891), is currently experiencing an issue with their core router at their fra10 location which is affecting inbound and outbound traffic.

We've disabled our session with AS33891 for now. Traffic is currently being rerouted via RETN.

See Status - Core Backbone GmbH for more details.

We will resolve this incident once we have received confirmation the issue has been resolved from our upstream provider.

  • The issue has been resolved by Core-Backbone. We have re-enabled import/export for our sessions, routing is back to normal.

  • There is still a outage of We're keeping our sessions to AS33891 on reject for both import/export until we have received a final statement.

    Connectivity is handled over remaining sessions to other upstreams.

  • Maintenance
    Migrating old ssd-gluster Nodes

    We're currently in the process of migrating four old ssd-gluster Nodes, which are used by our cloud infrastructure. As the process is done using glusterfs replace-brick feature, there is no impact to our customers. Migration happens live during operation. Once all old nodes are migrated, we will decomission them. New nodes will provide a lot more performance due to Hardware Raid 10 and NVMe Cache using bcache like our hdd-gluster nodes already do.

    Informational Notification - Interxion FRA-3

    Interxion informed us about new regulations valid on the whole campus area and datacenter buildings.

    In-line with European and National legislation we are required to assess the risks in the workplace to our employees, customers and partners.

    Interxion is reviewing and implementing government advice and considering this as part of the risk assessment process.

    Based on this risk-based approach, Effective as of now, the wearing of mouth-and-nose protection is required for the duration of the stay in data centres and buildings (staircases, visitor points and other areas, including open spaces) where the safety distance cannot be maintained.

    Due to limited supplies globally, Interxion will be unable to provide all customers, visitors or vendors with facial coverings, with the exception of one-time operational emergencies (subject to availability). Therefore, we encourage visitors to conduct their own risk assessments and bring their own appropriate PPE (including face covering) whenever possible.

    Maintenance - core3.ffm3 (Interxion FRA3)

    We are going to carry out maintenance on our Juniper MX480 Router core3.ffm3. The maintenance is intended to increase the capacity on this router in order to later move more traffic over. The exact maintenance window is 03th October 2020 from 02:00 pm till 06:00 pm. We expect fulltable sessions on this router to be offline for a maximum timeframe of about 120 minutes.

    There is no service interruption expected. Traffic flow will be handled by alternative routes. Downstream customers connected to this router should make sure to properly use the provided default route on the primary session or switchover routing to alternative paths.

    Past Incidents

    Wednesday 2nd September 2020

    No incidents reported

    Tuesday 1st September 2020

    No incidents reported

    Monday 31st August 2020

    No incidents reported

    Sunday 30th August 2020

    Upstream BGP-Sessions Packetloss - Core-Backbone/AS33891

    We have identified packetloss on our uplinks to Core-Backbone/AS33891 between 18:15 till 18:35 (CEST) due to capacity issues caused by a faulty linecard on fra20.core-backbone, where we are connected to. After calling their NOC, they told us that they are aware of the issue. Currently we do not observe any packetloss, but instead keep this entry open until a official statement follows.

    Update 21:35: There was another issue with the AS33891 fra20 router at around 21:20 (CEST). According to their NOC, the linecard has been replaced now. A official, public statement will follow later.
    Update 31.08.2020 - 11:23: We received a state by email, unfortunately there was no public communication on the carriers status page, text follows: "possible packetloss due to linecard error Zeitraum/Timeframe: 30.08.2020 18:15 - 21:30 UTC +02:00 Typ: Störung/Outage Hello,

    due to an error on a linecard of the following core-router: (Frankfurt2)

    There was a possibility of packet loss in the following time frame: 30.08.2020 18:26 - 18:35 UTC +0200 30.08.2020 21:20 - 21:29 UTC +0200

    As an immediate fix the affected linecard was replaced.

    Thank you for your understanding!"

    Cloud Nodes FFM2 Storage issues

    Due to a human error, around 20 virtual machines are currently not accessible on different nodes. The restoration is currently in progress. Affected customers will receive a corresponding credit.

  • The problem has been fixed. All affected servers are reachable again. Affected customers receive a corresponding credit.

  • Saturday 29th August 2020

    No incidents reported

    Friday 28th August 2020

    No incidents reported

    Thursday 27th August 2020

    No incidents reported