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This is the technical status page of combahton GmbH which represents past incidents and planned maintenances.

Anti-DDoS Switchover - flowShield v2 -> flowShield v3 - Announcing end of v3 Betatest

We're going to switch off deprecated flowShield v2 DDoS-Filters and exclusively use our newly developed flowShield v3 application.

Please note: It will be no longer possible to use our API in order to switch between v2 and v3.

We do not expect any customer impact during the switchover.

Migration - Cloud Storage

On 22th December 2020, starting with 22:00 CET, we're going to migrate a batch of 200 Cloud Servers to our new storage environment. The migration is crucial, to clean up the last remaining storage environment built on the previous architecture.

Christmas holidays / New years eve

Due to christmas holidays and new years eve, our office is closed on:

24th December 2020 starting at 13:00 CET
25th December 2020
31th December 2020 - 01th January 2021

We wish all our customers Merry Christmas as well as a successful 2021.

For any kind of urgent requests, our oncall duty is reachable by emergency ticket within our customer area.

Maintenance -

Due to the upcoming replacement of core1.ffm3, we will carry out maintenance on our internal services to increase it's network capacity by 2x 10Gbit on 6th January 2021 starting at 02:30 am. We expect a maximum unavailbility of 60 minutes until 06:00 am.

Firmware Upgrade - core1.ffm2

We will carry out a firmware upgrade of core1.ffm2 on 06th January 2021 to resolve a minor bug within Juniper JunOS. The upgrade will be carried out at 02:00 till 03:00 am. We expect a maximum downtime of 20 minutes per customer connected to this router.

Affected customers has been informed by email.

06th January 2021 - 02:00: We're starting with the maintenance work, the first routing-engine is going to get rebooted within the next 10 minutes.
06th January 2021 - 02:37: The maintenance has been finished with 11 minutes of measured downtime.

Hardware Upgrade - core1.ffm3

We're replacing the hardware of our core1.ffm3 router with new Juniper equipment, providing us with 5,12Tbit/s overall capacity. Work will be carried out at the 6th January 2021 starting at 03:00 am. We expect to finish work at 05:00 am, with a maximum service impact of up to 20 minutes per connected customer. Customers with redundant connectivity / bgp sessions will be not affected.

Affected customers will be informed by email earliest on 28th December.

Update 06th January 2021 - 04:48: We expect to finish work by 07:00. Unfortunately, the migration is taking longer as expected due to a issue with a upstream, which is necessary to carry out the switchover.

Past Incidents

Wednesday 30th December 2020

No incidents reported

Tuesday 29th December 2020

No incidents reported

Monday 28th December 2020

No incidents reported

Sunday 27th December 2020

No incidents reported

Saturday 26th December 2020

Core Network Increased Latency - FFM2

During 01:33 till 01:36 CET, we have identified increased latency towards our FFM2 POP due to a carpet bombing DDoS Attack, reaching over 100Gbit/s. We have corrected our configuration to avoid further disturbance by automatically mitigating the new attack vector. The attack is still ongoing and mitigated.

Friday 25th December 2020

No incidents reported

Thursday 24th December 2020

No incidents reported