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This is the technical status page of combahton GmbH which represents past incidents and planned maintenances.

Integration of HEL1 (Helsinki) into our global network

In October, we're going to integrate our Helsinki, Finland (HEL1) location into our global network. To do so, we have leased a dedicated DWDM transport line using C-Lion Subsea Cable between Frankfurt (Interxion) and Helsinki (Hetzner HEL). We're currently working on upgrading DDoS-Filters at our Helsinki location as well as setting up necessary configuration. Please make sure to use 30823:3824X community, if you dont want to export your prefixes to Elisa Oyj, our main upstream in Helsinki. You can control the routing by setting either 30823:38240 (no announce) or 30823:3824X, where X stands for prepends (e.g. 30823:38241 prepend one time).

By default, we will start prepending several nordic IXPs over our existing carriers and move traffic to Elisa instead. If you observe any unexpected routing, please let us know by ticket.

flowShield DDoS-Filter - Major Update

We're going to start rolling out a major update for flowShield v3, which includes a new architecture for the code related to tcp/udp session authentication as well as improved metrics for better rx/tx thread behavior monitoring. Beside of that, we're addressing a bug related to a breaking change in netmap, which could be problematic in an unforeseen situation related to a rare amount of netmap patched nic drivers. This is a major update, as the new architecture increases authentication complexity in order to gain more granularity based on a 5-tuple key stored in trie-hashmap. We dont expect any unforeseen breaking behavior, however in the unlikely event of an issue, please let us know.

Capacity Upgrade - FFM2-FFM3 - 100Gbit/s

We're going to upgrade the interconnection between FFM2 (Interwerk) and FFM3 (Interxion) to 100Gbit over diverse routers.

Subsea Cable Maintenance - HEL1 - FFM3

We have been informed about a maintenance affecting the subsea connection C-Lion1 between HEL1 (Helsinki) and FFM3 (Frankfurt) on 14th February 2022 starting at 23:00 CET. The cable operator expects a total downtime of about 7 hours, ending latest at 06:00 (CET).

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Friday 7th January 2022

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Wednesday 5th January 2022

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Tuesday 4th January 2022

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