Sunday 9th February 2020

Statement network issues

Dear Customers,

for about 4 days we have been struggling with short-term connection breaks and packet losses several times a day. Since the first appearance, we have been busy searching for the cause. Unfortunately, the logs of our Juniper devices are not very informative in this regard. We were only able to evaluate how the error occurs and what causes it using standard measures.

As measures, we have already checked the configuration, started the stack and updated the firmware to the latest patch level. All tests carried out did not improve and the error occurred again and again. Now we have reached the lowest level and suspect a hardware issue in one of the routers that are interconnected to form a redundant stack. In order to prevent further interruptions and disruptions, we will now have to temporarily cancel the redundancy network. In the coming days, we will then set up resilience with the new Juniper QFX5100-48S-6Q. Due to our desired interim solution, however, no further impairments can be expected. Nevertheless, with the current availability of the network, we do not meet the quality standards we have for ourselves.

We fully understand our customers' anger and apologize for the inconvenience.

Sincerely yours,

Your combahton team