Tuesday 11th February 2020

Network Maintenance - FFM3, scheduled 1 week ago

We are going to carry out a network maintenance at Interxion Frankfurt. The maintenance is intended to resolve all issues which have arisen over the last days, due to dying QSFP+ transceivers.

We have bought a load of new QSFP+ transceivers and will use them as replacement after extensive load testing.

The plan is the following:
-We will do load testing with our uplinks to Core-Backbone throughout the day
-If we dont see any issues, we will keep the so announced maintenance window
-If we do see any issues with the new transceivers, which is very unlikely the case, we will cancel the maintenance
-The maintenance will be carried out at the 12th February 2020 - 01:00 am UTC+1 till 04:00 am UTC+1
-As a customer directly connected to core1-ffm3, please expect a downtime or at least packetloss of about 1-2 hours

We hope the best to resolve the issue with these pretty elaborate steps.

Update 01:30 UTC+1: The upgrade has been carried out successfully, new optics are in operation too.