Power outage FFM2 Tuesday 19th May 2020 13:00:00

We currently suspect a power cut in our FFM2 location due to alerts of our monitoring in regards of a traffic drop. Since all systems are buffered on UPS, we currently experience no outage.

The incident has been closed, as after investigation, no further impact to any service was noticeble.

13:30 Almost 100% of all systems have survived the power failure thanks to sufficient UPS protection. Only in one rack the UPS was unable to support the electrical load, due to that, approximately 20 dedicated servers restarted unexpectedly. Technical staff is checking affected servers and will make sure, that all machines are properly booted. We will investigate the problem additionally in our internal follow-up and, if necessary, arrange an implovement.

13:01 There was a short interruption of the mains grid of approximately 52s. The power supply in the data center has been restored. We are in contact with the operator, as we see a slightly increased temperature within our racks, which causes several monitoring alerts. There is currently no noticeable impact on our infrastructure.