Issues with Upstream: @ AS33891 Friday 25th September 2020 15:00:00

Our upstream provider, CoreBackbone (AS33891), is currently experiencing an issue with their core router at their fra10 location which is affecting inbound and outbound traffic.

We've disabled our session with AS33891 for now. Traffic is currently being rerouted via RETN.

See Status - Core Backbone GmbH for more details.

We will resolve this incident once we have received confirmation the issue has been resolved from our upstream provider.

The issue has been resolved by Core-Backbone. We have re-enabled import/export for our sessions, routing is back to normal.

There is still a outage of We're keeping our sessions to AS33891 on reject for both import/export until we have received a final statement.

Connectivity is handled over remaining sessions to other upstreams.